... One warning: your feet may hurt after a full hour’s worth of highly danceable arrangements, played in various musical styles: (slip) jigs, marches, polkas, horn pipes, reels and waltzes. ...”

Beatles Unlimited FGHIJ Reviews

... expands upon Celtic Music in ways that displays a creative genius that is very hard to find these days. ... a generous listing of 26 tracks of some of your favorite Beatle songs... beautifully relaxing and it brings the memories of that fabulous 4 that have been a constant reminder of our now fading youthful past. ... a gentle reminder of those wonderful glory days of The Beatles played masterfully ... Go ahead and let Brian Hebert and Friends help you relive your Beatle Memories ... 5 Golden Stars from Celtic Radio!”

Celtic Radio

Do you like Beatles music? In the mood for something different? This CD is your dream come true! ... arranged well and played expertly. It is amusing to identify the song and then see what they did with it! ... The music is good, the arrangements are interesting--but true to form--and the result is a fun album that is a pleasure to listen to.” - Catherine L. Tully

Celtic MP3s Music Magazine

... What if the Beatles had been composed by an Irish band in the 1800’s, and played around the fireplace of the bar for the entire village to enjoy? That’s Brian & friends. They maintain the melodic strength, but play freely with rhythm, key, tempo, and chorus placements to bring to light the leprechaun dreams available deep within the four cherubic players from Liverpool. It’s very difficult to pull this off without falling into the trap of muzak. Brian has pulled it off, and has made an album that fulfills all desires of my ears to taste love and goodness and mercy.” - Eartaste


... The playing and arrangements are gorgeous... Well, I'm a Stones man, and I believe if there is one thing in life you have to make a decision about whether you're digging the Beatles or the Stones. But I'm having fun with Beatles songs like never before, you can dance to it and you might even scream.”

Folkworld CD Reviews

A SURPRISINGLY gutsy album of instrumental Beatles songs done in a raw and edgy Celtic folk style. Crammed full of wild bodrans, duelling mandolins, and skirling Irish pipes, reminding of Planxty, de Danaan and The Chieftains, with a taste of Bert Jansche’s Pentangle, it’s a radical reinvention of the great Lennon and McCartney songs that brings a whole new dimension to something we thought we already knew everything there was to know about.” - Jade Wright

Liverpool Echo

... a truly unique Beatles listening experience ... a superb recording ... in a variety of acoustic styles. For those with eclectic tastes, or hankering for a fresh take on familiar material, this one's a winner!” - Stuart Shea & Robert Rodriquez


... listen to this famous Liverpool band’s familiar catalogue in a whole new light. ... with Any Time At All, it’s a delight to hear how appreciative musicians are still finding ways to breathe new life into the band’s beloved songs. ...Even with mainly acoustic instruments, The Beatles’ pop-rock songs still stand up well. Brian Hebert and his musical friends can put their personal fingerprints on Beatles songs any time at all.” - Dan MacIntosh


... invested with a great deal of attention to the possibilities each song offers, pulling up some of the Beatles' own roots and returning them to the source. ... this crosses over into many other modes with a good deal of intelligence and care. I can't help but think the original writers would be impressed with it all in view of the artistry lavished and original thought bequeathed.” - Mark Tucker

FAME Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

A very nice album (Translated from: Ein sehr schönes Album)” - Beatlemania Webzine

Beatlemania German Webzine

New, different, and fascinating treatment ... sounds absolutely wonderful ... as familiar as the tunes may be, the excitement I found was in the arrangements ... I love it” - Bob Ellis

WUML Sunrise